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Visit to Barcelona // Travel Photography

Barcelona offers unlimited opportunities for exploring The second part of this Barcelona blog post presents some travel photography.

Park Güell

The public Park Güell (designed by Antony Gaudí) reveals a spectacular view over the city center and the sea side . As the park is highly frequented during summer season, you sure won't feel lonely.

Plaza de España

One of the biggest squares in Barcelona, seen from a viewpoint on top of the shopping center Las Arenas. The Torres Venecianes mark the direction to Palau Nacional in the background.

Las Ramblas

Snapshot from the hip in the popular pedestrian mall. Only the watch dog takes notice of me.

Plaza de España

Rain clouds and the descending sun painted this evening picture.

County Boy

This American street musician with his rusty guitar is one-man country band.

Port Vell

The Port of Barcelona is situated in the south of the city and near to the international airport. It is surrounded by several quays that guide you along the waterside from the south end of Las Ramblas to the city beach. The picture shows the cable car middle station Port Vell Areal Tramway in the background.

Plaza de España

Another (panoramic) view of the square after the evening rain.

El Poble Sec

Street view in the quarter Poble Sec (Carrer de Vila i Vilà). Not really a touristic attraction, just Barcelona.

Platja de la Barceloneta

At least on weekdays, early birds can enjoy uncrowded beaches and an unobstructed view to the sea (until late morning). A lot of illegal water bottle sellers dig their bottles in the sand when police is around and police strides up the beach hoping to detect their hiding places in the sand. Funny hide-and-seek game.


Seen from the roof of the shopping center Las Arenas.

Barcelo Sants

Standing outside the central Station (Barcelo Sants) at night.

Horizontal escalator

This image is made with iPhone (and can be made with nearly any smartphone): set your camera to 360° panorama mode, get on the band that moves in counter direction and place your camera upon the handrail. You cannot avoid the jitter that is transmitted with the handrail, and the recording results in double speed, nevertheless looks interestingly after some post-processing.

I didn't see something similar in internet yet, so this method might be a new invention.

Barceló Sants Hotel

This hotel is a really funny one - its internal design is a spaceship that travels through the galaxy. It is located directly above the central station and thus is an ideal starting point for excursions to the city.

Port Vell Areal Tramway

There are two cable cars in Barcelona, this one is the eldest. The spectacular views on Barcelona and Port Vell made up the 90 min of waiting time in the queue (which reminded me of my early skiing days).

See also the first part of the Barcelona blog post with a photo gallery of the basilica Sagrada Familia.

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