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Summer Trip to Brittany (Bretagne)

A few impressions of our trip to northern Brittany near the village of Plougasnou in last August.

Other than the English name Brittany might suggest, most people in this quiet and quaint outback of Western Europe with Southern England in sight don't understand any word of English language (or at least pretend to do so). As I don't speak French (except the tourist standard), I cannot tell stories about the people who live there, because I didn't have any conversation (except Bonjour, payer, s'il vous plaît, au revoir). I can imagine it might be similar to Tourists visiting lower Bavaria:)

We have a photography blog here, so we start with a series showing some little beautiful beaches along the coast line around Plougasnou.

With the sun setting, I went out to take some long time exposures just around our place.

Those two ships got stranded at Port Diben.

Not to forget the delicious plates of fish, muscles and crabs for seafood lovers like me. The friendly garçons give their best explaining us what is on the plate, where it is from and how it is cooked. It seemed interesting, but we didn't understand a word. But does it matter? Main thing is it's tasty!

The next picture I've created playing around on my smartphone in the beautiful little town of Morlaix, showing the landmarks of Morlaix: the viaduct (left) and obviously a dog in the window looking at it.

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