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This post is about our trip to South Tyrol last June. The tourist season has not yet started and you can hike in the nature without seeing many people. But also not every accommodation or hut has opened still and you may strand hungry before closed doors:)

Campitello di Fassa

There is a nice view passing the Passo di Sella on our way down to Campitello di Fassa, a good starting point for hiking tours and day excursions.

A morning walk with the dog - a path from Campitello di Fassa to Canazei along the river Fassa. In the background we see the glaciers and the summit of Marmolada (3343m) in the clouds.

View from the river up to Sasso Lungo (Langkofel).

The cable car from Campitello up to Col Rodella brings you up to the south facing of Sasso Lungo (right) and Sasso Piatto (left).

From this point we can also see Torri del Sella and below the Passo di Sella (left) , the Piz Boè (background) and the Sass Pordoi.

We hike westward to the Malga Sasso Piatto, which just had opened just a few days before (taste the "Kaspressknödel", the cheese and the Schnapps!). They make intense tasting cheese from goat milk, and meanwhile the goats are fenced in because of the wolves sticking around at night.

From the Malga we descend to Campitello and marmots whistle as they see our dog. Back in Campitello we look back to the path we followed.

Our Labrador dog Matilda swallowed the black marmot excrements. There must be something special about it that we don't know.

Next day we walk around in the streets of the neighbour village Canazei.

Fedaja (Marmolada)

The third day brings cold weather and we drive up to the extremely windy Passo Fedaja at the feet of Marmolada. Until the end of World War I the border between Austria-Hungary and Italy ran over Marmolada, so it formed part of the front line during that conflict. In a small river nearby I found a shrapnel that was by the glacier.

You can take a walk across the dam of the lake Lago Fedaja and visit the littel 1st World War museum, the Marmolada always before your eyes.

Lago di Carezza

The next day lead us to the Lago di Carezza (Karersee) with the Latemar massiv.

From there we climbed up to the Rifugio Paolina in the Gruppo die Catinaccio (Rosengarten Group) with a view to the Latemar mountains.

Lago Limides and Lagazoui

Fron the Passo di Falzarego we hike to the beautiful Lago Limides over swampy land.

The are no signs and the paths are still hidden under the snow, so it took us some deviations to finally find it. Looking to the north we see Lagazuoi, another tragic battlefield of the 1st World War.

Spectacular views you can enjoy from the Lagazoi.

On the way back at Passo Pordoi some Porsche drivers (and owners?) take photos of their cars.

Val Duron

Today is a 20km hike from Campitello through the Val Duron up to its nearly end.

The end of the valley is marked by Forcella Denti di Terrarossa.

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