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Abandoned Railway Yard Munich East - Recaptured by Nature

In 1912 the Bavarian parliament decided to build the Munich East marshalling yard in the district of Berg am Laim. In the same year, construction work began, but was discontinued after the beginning of the First World War due to lack of workers. In 1917, military construction companies resumed the construction work and completed an entry and exit group with eight tracks, on which provisional operation was possible. In 1924 the complete marshalling yard was completed. After the opening of the Munich North mainline station in autumn 1991, the German Federal Railways gradually shifted traffic from Munich East to the new marshalling yard from May 1992 onwards, therefore the railway yard and its facilities were no longer needed and were subsequently shut down.

Since 2015, there have been plans that a new tower station Berg am Laim Ost could be built on the derelict site of the marshalling yard.

The area is situated at the south side of the S-Bahn Werkstatt München Steinhausen (see Google maps 3D view).

Over the years, birches have settled in allees along the rails.

Rails guide the view to the tower block of the Süddeutsche Zeitung, out of the past into the present of an ever changing city.

Derelict service buildings....

... and signals in the forest.

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