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Road Trip 2018 - 6 / Bordeaux and the journey back home

By the end of the third week of our journey it was time to return to Munich and have a few stops for a stay overnight and see new places. The first stop was the city of Bordeaux.

The picture above shows the Miroir d' Eau (water mirror), a nice place in front of the Place de la Bourse to have a cool water walk and enjoy the reflections. Bordeaux was the first overnight stop of our way back home.

The picture below is taken at the famous Monument aux Girondins.

One characteristic of Bordeaux is its many little alleyways, little separated worlds besides the main routes (at least it was my impression).

Another interesting picture - an empty bank branch with just an ATM and some card boards with speeches signed by two writers.

It was incredibly hot in that quite beautiful city, but for us one entire day was sufficient enough and we had to follow our schedule to be back in time. We still had to "eat" 1,500 km to reach home, so our next stop should be Balbigny, a very small quite village at the river Loire. Driving along the French highways one can have the impression that this country is large-scale unpopulated. After hours of driving (and frequently paying), our camping ground for the night was right at the calm and idyllic river Loire. Balbigny is a real one-horse town and with its smells and little hills, farms, cows and chicken around it reminded me very much of my childhood holidays that i had often spent in Lower Bavaria.

Finally, our last stop should be the beautiful little town of Aarburg in Switzerland. This August journey was really with hot weather, and now the German speaking part of Switzerland welcomed us with a few degrees cooler, but a warm atmosphere.

A sightseeing walk along the river Aare and up to the fortress was the right conclusion of this driving day.

On the next day we drove the final stage back to Munich. Reaching St. Gallen near the German border, you can have a nice view down over the lake Bodensee. Of course I enjoyed viewing the lake side to the left and not the speed limit sign to the right, that's why the Swiss police had the opportunity to shoot a nice photo of our car. And guess, Swiss road trip photos are not cheap for sale and you are urged to buy. How obtrusive.

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