Road Trip 2018 - 5 / Zarautz

Our next part of the route should bring us over to the Atlantic coast to the bay of basque Zarautz at the Gulf of Biscaya.

The route followed along the northern range of the French Pyrenees (with one stop in the village of Bagneres-di-Bigorre in the southwest of Toulouse) to the Atlantic at the Gulf of Biscaya.

There is a nice camping ground above the steep cliffs with a view down to the beach of Zarautz.

The next pictures shows cliffs with stone pillars that belonged to an overhead carrier transport system from ore mining in the past which has fallen into disuse.

Climbing down the cliffs at low tide reveals a picturesque scenery of rocks and sand that is constantly formed by the Atlantic surf.

Different view of that place under flood. It is definitely not recommended to go for a swim here.

The next pictures below open views along the beach of Zarautz, which is a paradise for surfers.

Also for our dog it was lots of fun to chase around at the beach.

The picture below shows a beautiful Atlantic morning on the next day.

The pitures below: the bay of Zarautz seen from the camping ground at sundown.