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Photography Workshop Munich

The pictures of today's post I had made last summer in Munich during a workshop with the Moscow based arts and fashion photographer Andrey Rossalev. Well worth visiting his homepage, his pictures are amazing! Our model for the workshop was Elena, who is not only a talented model, but also runs her own business as a photographer.

One series was shot at the Eisbach waterfall in English garden. It was at noon time and we had to find a more shady place. Andrey asked us all (model, lighting assistant and photographers) to take off our shoes, wrap up the pants and find good stand places with our equipment in the water stream.

The next picture shows what the set looked like.

Andrey gave us valuable tips, such as that a polarisation filter helps smoothening the skin texture. More pictures of that series...

With the afternoon sun slowly going down, we moved to another place nearby, a fountain at the Bavarian National Museum. Here we were introduced to the technique of using coloured films in front of the flash light.

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