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On the Ruins of the Slaughterhouse

Creatives and artists populate the ground of the former Munich slaughterhouse, that has been closed in 2006. The former Munich South station was also located there and was mainly used for delivering food for the city. Therefore it was directly connected to the slaughter house. Today we can still see remnants of the platforms, animal gates, old wagons and containers. For the next few years, an artist community "Bahnwärter Thiel" is leasing the area of the railway station (now known as "Bahnwärter Thiel") until 2022, when it is planned to become a housing estate. On the ground of the slaughterhouse we can already see the new Volkstheater München rise up .

The first picture shows a stack of containers that build the entrance to the quarter Bahnwärter Thiel, named after a novel of Gerhard Hauptmann.

Gates and cleaning facilities for the trucks.

The fences that kept the animals are still there.

Urban gardeners cultivate vegetables.

A framework of PVC window frames.

The cemetary of capital.

The old railway platform.

Live in-between the eras.

A self portrait.

A portrait of others.

And the last image is not from this place. But I took it on the same day at the Kreativquartier München (Leonrodplatz), another place for interim use by creatives, so it fits to the series.

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