A Collection of Photography Locations in Munich

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Where can you find public locations in the city of Munich for your photo session or some selfies? I had a list of spots in my Google Maps favs that I visited to take some photos and make myself a catalogue. I still have a lot of interesting places to visit, so I plan to add them to the list from time to time to share them.

Bavarian State Opera

48°08'23.0"N 11°34'43.3"E

The Bavarian State Opera is located centrally in the city near Odeonsplatz.

Feldherrnhalle (Field Marshals' Hall)

48°08'30.2"N 11°34'38.5"E

Feldherrnhalle is located right at Odeonsplatz.

Hofgarten (Court Garden)

48°08'34.6"N 11°34'48.1"E

The Hofgarten is nearby Feldhernnhalle at Odeonsplatz.

Bayerische Staatskanzlei (Bavarian State Chancellery)

48°08'32.8"N 11°34'56.8"E

The Chancellery is also settled at Hofgarten.


48°08'36.2"N 11°34'34.0"E

Wittelsbacherplatz is also centrally located near Odeonsplatz.


48°08'38.8"N 11°34'31.6"E

This passage is located near Wittelsbacherplatz/Odeonsplatz.


48°08'31.0"N 11°34'27.0"E

Nice location: the roof top parking deck of Salvatorgarage, located centrally.

Königsplatz (King's Square)

48°08'45.9"N 11°33'51.5"E

A lot of stairs and columns can be found here.

Städtische Berufsschule

48°10'45.8"N 11°32'14.6"E

This spot is in the North of Munich near the Olympic Park.

Abandoned Urban City Train Station

48°10'44.7"N 11°32'20.9"E

A lost place located nearby the Städische Berufsschule on the other side of the dead rail track.


48°10'38.2"N 11°33'22.6"E

Aluminium and stainless steel dominate this in- and outdoor loaction. The entrance is free.

B/S/H Headquarters

48°05'19.4"N 11°38'39.8"E

A typical modern office building directly at the metro station Neuperlach Süd.

Olympisches Dorf (Olympic Village)

48°10'45.8"N 11°33'12.0"E

A student village with small bungalows individually wall painted by their inhabitants.

Botanischer Garten (Botanical Garden)

48°09'48.5"N 11°29'51.9"E

A botanical park next to the Schloss Nymphenburg. There is also a park belonging to the Schloss with nice little lakes and woods.

Englischer Garten (English Garden)

48.159522, 11.598383

One of the most famous places in Munich.


48.123267, 11.512973

There is a collection of asiatic temples and small lakes with beautiful vegetation, little bridges and gardens.

Bayerisches Nationalmuseum (Bavarian National Museum) - Nischenbrunnen

48.143280, 11.588855

Schlachthofviertel (Slaughterhouse Quarter)

48.122318, 11.555267

Note: for taking pictures of the area "Bahnwärter Thiel" you need to ask for a photo licence (non-commercial) at info@bahnwaerterthiel.de.


48.141425, 11.548467


48.139833, 11.548764

Alter Botanischer Garten (Old Botanical Garden)

48.141796, 11.564230


48.141418, 11.596633


48.104366, 11.553155


48.134526, 11.588280

Ruhmeshalle (Bavaria)

48.130672, 11.546106


48°09'33.4"N 11°32'58.8"E

Süfdriedhof (Southern Cemetary)

48.127726, 11.565317

Useful Links to Find New Locations

Here are a few links that can help us to find locations or to prepare a trip:

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