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A Hike to Zugspitze

On this classical three-day mountain hike to Germany's highest summit (2,962 m / 9,718 ft). I decided to let my DSLR at home and only to take my iPhone with me. It is very convenient to handle and helps me not getting my backpack to heavy, which means additional convenience.

The photography app I use is ProCamera, post-processing I did on my desktop application Affinity Photo with NIK plugins.

The tour starts at Partnachklamm in Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Germany) and finishes in Ehrwald (Austria). This is a short documentary of the different landscapes that can be seen on this hike. On the first day we walk through the Partnachklamm up the Reintal to stay at Reintalangerhütte for the night (13km/5h). On the next morning we start for the summit (9km/6h) and soon reach an idyllic plateau.

The track is now steep winding upwards across the relict of glacial ice avalanche, on which top the Knorrhütte resides. The avalanche marks the end of the Reintal, which now lays to our feet.

Our first stop will be Knorrhütte to have a little tea break, then we have to cross the Zugspitzplatt, which is a high karst plateau. Some sheep and geese can be seen on the way.

While climbing higher, we cross a snow field and now would see the summit. Not today, the summit is hidden in the clouds and it is very windy.

After having a break amongst all tourists that have come up with cable car or cogwheel, we take the cable car down to the Zugspitzplatt (Sonn-Alpin) and walk down to Knorrhütte for another 1.5 hours. The misty weather on the summit hadn't offered any interesting views for photographing, so no pictures from this stage of the hike.

On the next morning the weather conditions became perfect, the image below shows the view from Knorrhütte at 6am.

After a little breakfast we start for the final stage down to Ehrwald which will take us another 6 hours. Right 30min after starting we reach a beautiful place with a collection of caims.

With passing the border to Austria ("Gatterl") we cross the valley cut of Felderer Tal that presents like a little paradise in the morning sun.

The path now descends down to Hochfeldernalm and further on to Ehrwalder Alm.

With finally reaching the train station in Ehrwald the tour ends and our legs are tired.

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