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A Hike at Obersee

The Obersee is a tiny clear mountain lake near the Königssee. There are no villages near the lake, the only dwelling being the small alp (Fischunkelalm) which is only occupied during the summer month.

We start at the boat stop Salet at the tail end of Königssee. Soon the passage opens and the fishers' hut.

The walk along the lake shore reveals idyllic views of Obersee, the Fischunkelalm and the waterfalls (Röthbachfall) at the end of the valley.

We are in reach of the Fischunkelalm and look back to the Königssee valley.

Another fishers' hut invites to make a photography stop (the photography below is a panoramic stich of four images).

We pass the alp and hike to the waterfalls, seeing the lake and alp behind us.

Soon we can hear and see the Röthbachfall.

There is a steep way to climb up on the unwinding path through the forest. Little rivers follow their way down to the lake.

Finally the path opens up at the steep wall with the Röthbachfall.

After a break at the alp (taste the Enzian Schnaps there) we hike back the same way again to Salet along a small river that flows from Obersee down to Königssee. At Salet we have to wait for the next boat to pick us up.

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