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Throwback Composition

This post was originally published 15.11.2016.

Digital photo manipulation gives us the opportunity to set images of the past into today's context by overlaying them with photographies that we remake at the same locations with our camera. Here some ideas of mine how this could look like...

Warzaw in the 1960s and 2016

This composition shows the Ulica Kruzka with the old Warzaw Grand Hotel Orbis, which is now Mercure Grand Hotel. Original of historic photography by Zbyszko Siemaszko showed in the exhibition "Dream of a City - Warzaw in the 1950s and 1960s".

Munich 1946 and 2016

View of the town hall from Rosenstrasse after ending of WW II and today. Shopping on the dust of yesterdays burning streets. Original historic photography by Georg Fruhstorfer.

Munich 1946 and 2016

2016 students walking along Ludwigstrasse in front of the bomb destroyed Siegestor. Different realities of the same place in one shot.

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