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How AI-Art Could Inspire Portrait Photography

Aktualisiert: 12. Okt. 2022

Use Case III - Creating Outfits

This post will explore how Dall-E 2 could be used to generate ideas for costumes in a cosplay style. These ideas can be used to find dresses and props or even taylor own ones. As ever, the AI-art generated fashion is unique! Luckily, an artificial intelligence is no real or juristic person and therefore can not claim any copyrights - so its creations are free to use and depend only on the precision and creativity of your input and a more or less random-driven computing process.

Experiment 1: Using Dall-E to Create Costumes inspired by Thierry Mugler and HR Giger

For our first experiment, we start with a prompt pointing to elements of HR Giger for the ALIEN movies and Thierry Mugler:

"Award-winning costume design of woman’s turquoise-golden dress inspired by the movie "Alien" (1979), strip light, high-quality performance photo, displayed on a mannequin, by Thierry Mugler"

As a first result, we get four proposals according to our description:

Experiment 2:

As a second example we want Dall-E 2 to create cosplay costumes for a fantasy styled outfit in a mystic environment, we start with a prompt like this:

"high quality dslr photostudio portrait of female model with mystic headdress, in award-winning costume design of woman’s leaf dress inspired by "LORD OF THE RINGS", misty background, from Vogue magazine"

The gallery below shows some examples of the generated outfits:

A slight variation of the prompt in order to get some waist-up portraits results in images like these:

In the next post (Use Case IV), we will explore how backdrop designs can be generated with help of Dall-E 2.


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