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The Story of the Second Last Jedi

Time for a home studio selfie session again. This time my bath robe in Jedi design inspired me to do some funny home shooting and of course editing afterwards. The main reason war to test my new strip light softbox.

The setup was easily done with a Godox AD200 flash together with a 35cm x 160cm softbox equipped with two diffusor layers and a grid. I also used my new Sony 85mm f/1.4 portrait lens. The setup is shown below.

First, I planned the lighting setup in set.a.light3D software
The setup is done accordingly

While experimenting, I had the idea of making a short photo story and to edit it in instagram story format. Now, her's the exciting story of the second last Jedi:

So, take the advice of this true, deep and absolutely meaningful and amazing story of the second last Jedi and never, never underestimate the power of the dark side of the pub!

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