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Sushi & Electro Location Photo Shooting

My daughter Sarina asked me to make some photos for ad purposes for a late night event organized by her and her friends which will take place in a sushi bar in Munich Schwabing. The location is called Fujikaiten Sushi and they will provide a new combination of food and electronic music with DJs Genji Yoshida and Ai Casé. For further information about the event see Sushi&Electro -NEU- Genji Yoshida & Ai Casé.

The ambient light was quite low and I didn't use any flash or additional lights for to capture the original atmosphere. This however brings two basic problems:

  1. The exposure time is to high for shooting handheld and I had to use a tripod.

  2. Low light increases the influence of camera sensor noise, that would be visible on the pictures. Therefore I decided to shot a plurality of single images of each set with keeping the camera adjustments and position constant. Later I would compose all of those single shots to one by stacking and blending them in mode "arithmetic average" in Affinity Photo. With help of this statistical overlay method all noise would be eliminated.

All images are shot in RAW and slightly underexposed to avoid "burn out" of the high lights. After composing I did some adjustment work to refine the pictures (e.g. gradation curve, gradiant map, white balance, vignette, high pass sharpening, color balance).

Here are some results below:

Panorama stitch of two images with again each of them composed out of three single images, i.e. the picture above consists of six images (f=21mm, F/8, 2s, ISO-100, -0,33EV).

The DJ controller is stacked of four images (f=31mm, F/4, 1s, ISO-800, -0,33EV).

Laser light projections, stacked from two images (f=18mm, F/4, 2s, ISO-160,-1EV).

DJ desk and bar, stacked from two images (f=18mm, F/10, 15s, ISO-100, -1EV).

HDR composing out of three images (f=18mm, F/3.5, ISO-200, -1.67EV/0EV/+1.67EV).

The picture below shows a more psychadelic variant.

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