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Sunset Photo Shooting at München Hackerbrücke

The Hackerbrücke is a steel bridge across the main railway line in Munich near the Central Station (its first build dated to 1870). I participated in an event of the Meetup Group Smartphone Fotografie in München , however I made my most shots with my Canon 60D.

Along the pedestrian way the safety nets prevent you from positioning a tripod and you have to climb up the construction for 2 meters and position yourself there with tripod and camera in the construction. Those premium positions however may already be occupied by teen spectators at sundown (police comes regularly along and scares them all away).

My images shown below are generated from single shots (in RAW) with varying view and exposure and post-processing (Panoramic stitching, RAW development, tonal contrast adjustment, Filter application and sharpening).

The sun was just starting to hide behind the office buildings and the photos where shot between 8.15pm and 9.15pm.

The picture below is shot about 20min later.

The gallery below presents a HDR panorama showing the bridge building itself and also the single original RAW images (two camera views with three exposures each).

The next panorama shows the stich of two RAW images and below the processed image (looking slightly apocalyptic).

Finally there are three further variants of panoramic images:

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