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Stay Home - Stay Lone (EP II)

It is not allowed to frequent crowed places since last weekend and I can see more people walk in the woods than I usually do (typically it's only the dog owners and joggers that are out there every day). Last week it was very warm and sunny and this morning we had little snow. Time for taking some pictures!

The title page is made of one of the picture below: it is stitched of 5 images in two rows (10 images) and then edited.

The next picture below is composed similarly from a slightly different point of view with a different editing. I wanted to give the forest some mystical look of a deep fairy tale forest (however it's located near the B471):

The following pictures are all taken with an iPhone when I walked the dog in the morning. Swap through the gallery to see all four images.

Using the panorama mode to catch the long shadows, which gives an interesting effect: all shadows coming from different directions (which would be a mistake in a painting).

The last pictures are of Sunday morning with some new snow and the long morning shadows that gives beautiful contrasts. Nature is a painter!

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