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NIK Analog Efex Pro 2

This post was originally published 10.06.2017.

Do you know the Google NIK-Collection? It consists several image editing Photoshop plug-ins which work also as stand alone apps, so you don't need any photo editing software. The suite is free for download at One of the plug-ins is Analog Efex Pro 2 to let you simulate classical cameras, films and lenses to create typical looks. It lets you combine a plurality of effects like bukeh, light leaks, vignette, film, plates, double exposure and more. The pictures below show my experiments with Analog Efex Pro 2 post processing on some street photography images - all of them shot on one afternoon in Munich. For all images I used the subset Vintage Camera 2 of Analog Efex Pro 2.

Men and their dogs at Karlsplatz fountain - an urban relict of the ancient (his)story of wolf and man?

2017 fashion impression - real and canvas passengers at the central station.

Waitress serving in of my favourite Bavarian pubs in Munich "Zur Brez'n".

Smartphoning shop owners in front of their smart shops.

Men (not in black but at least with sun glasses).

Reflections in the shopping world (Fünf Höfe).

And finally another reflexion image processed with Analog Efex 2.

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