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Munich Night Photography

Night photography today. The photographs shown in this post were shot in a cold wet October night in Munich, mostly around the BMW World.

The picture below shows a longtime exposure with passants crossing the street. This shot is staged and the passants are members of our photography meetup. On a longtime exposure you wouldn't see the people walking, that's why the "passants" were instructed to move very very slowly in order to leave some traces on the image.

The rain offered reflections and helped that no people were hanging around outside.

The Munich car traffic and the BMW tower in the background paint beautiful colours, you just have to offer the canvas to fix them.

The following image is not a typical night photography image, just a documentary about the times of the pandemic when e-scooters came up.

The motif below shows a charging station has some kind of sci-fi mood of a post-fossil era to me.

Some longtime exposure taken on Marienplatz next.

These two girls came along and asked me to take a photo of them. This is of course not possible with longtime exposure, but I had a battery flash with me and flashed them manually while exposing.

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