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Multiple Exposure Image Experiments

Aktualisiert: 4. Apr. 2020

You can have interesting results when you overlay different images of one spot (similar to multi exposure on film). The digital technique is also called "decomposition".

It's simple as that: I walked around in Munich and visited a few architectural spots that offer some perspective. I took several photos of each spot, while I slightly changed the focal length and also slightly altered my position (the point of view).

After developing my RAWs in CaptureOne, I loaded them as stack into Affinity Photo in the blending mode "average", i.e. all images are superposed with the same equal weight of exposure. You have to try around which of the images in the stack you might leave away to avoid a too smudged result. The final images get their finish with Nik Color Efex Pro 2.

Here is a selection of the final images (they were all shot on one Sunday afternoon in February).

The image above is Hackerbrücke seen from the Munich Hauptbahnhof. The next image below

shows the Hackerbrücke.

The next image series was taken near the Bavarian Towers.

"Werk 12" shown in the next image can be found in "Werksviertel-Mitte".

The red bicycle was lonely waiting to be photographed in the Kurt-Haertel-Passage.

Finally the title image again, this time without "facebook" crop and alternative look.

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