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Meeting the 501st Legion German Garrison

The 501st Legion ("Vader's First") is the world's biggest Star Wars costume club. I was just ending my visit of a photo exhibition nearby the Munich Philharmonic, when I saw some actors walking by after a philharmonic concert related to the Star Wars theme. I had my camera with me and though I had no flash and the lighting was insufficient. I tried to take some shots with them and do a little rework at home, even if the quality was not sufficient as it should be. But shooting in RAW and some composition ideas can help. Here's the results.

After I hat taken some photos of the actors, I needed some suitable "technical" background images. The interior of the Philharmonic offers some nice perspectives. The next two pictures show the two original shots for the composition:

On the left one can see the elevator construction for the window and facade cleaning, on the right this is Rey alias Anne Bamberg. Now we will get a realistic perspective if we turn the facade image horizontal and align the horizontal lines and central perspective. As both images are shot with the same focal length (18mm) we have no problems with proportions and object distances.

There is an hour of editing (to match lighting and toning), applying some textures and some laser beams. This is the final image:

Also the next composition is made from two images at that location in a similar manner. On the left three stormtroopers posing for me, on the right another image of the window facade (looking down to the entrance area).

Here is the result after some editing:

Finally some other pictures (with less editing) of this short and spontaneous meeting:

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