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Having Fun With Photo Manipulation

During the last months I had less opportunity to photograph, so I made some photo manipulation experiments at home to train my editing skills. Here are some results.

Chimera Evolution

Take some images of human an animal portraits (your own ones or some that you can find in internet with sufficient resolution) and make new crossings. This example is a crossing of portraits of a woman and a snow leopard.

You create variants just by alternating the look:

During the editing, you always have to decide if you would like to have more human or more animal share in your creature. The picture shifts the balance to the raptor side, by changing the blue leopard eyes to yellow-greenish cat eyes, giving the fur more emphasis and putting some saliva on the darkened lips. Gangster, desperado, traitor.

Image Stacking

This is done by overlaying the view shot at different times, i.e. a movie in one picture. If you want to overlay e.g. five (aligned) images, every image's brightness should be reduced to 1/5 in order to not get overexposed (white) or underexposed (black) clippings, but a meridian blended composition. The picture shows the BMW Welt in Munich.

In a second step, I applied some gaussian blur in vertical and horizontal direction.

The image below is another overlaid composition (already shown in a previous blog post). The difference to the above technique is, the between each single image I changed the zoom factor and the camera position slightly.

And finally there is another stacking composition with pichtures shot in the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich.

Perspective Overlay

The next image I did already some years ago. It composed from an old image of the 1950 showing the Warzaw Grand Hotel, today Mercure Hotel. I made the photo of today in a similar perspective and had to perspectively align the new image to the old one (which I photographed in an exhibition). You can read in a previous post about the details of that composition.

The next composition is made from two images that I shot in Munich English Garden during the Corona lockdown, where photographers had plenty of chances to photograph an empty city.

After cutting out the skies and the people in both images, I combined them together with a few other images for details to an underwater view. But of course it may never happen as Munich is 550m above sea level.

And there is another experiment of a simple perpspective overlay. I took these two images with a speedlight flash in the garden:

Below is the resulting image - fruits on the water.

Texture Overlay

Below is a home studio bass player selfie. It is made with two flashes, one from right, one from above (see left image). Looks still a little bit boring. So after some tonal and color corrections I applied some texture overlay of a wooden panel and painted in the foreground with a smoke brush. And another stylish add - text elements.

There are a view more pictures of this session with applied texture overlay:

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