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Doors Opened - Motorworld Munich

This summer a new interesting location opened in the north of Munich: Motorworld houses a car exhibition with frequently changing premium car models (for sale) together with various gastronomy places under the interior design of an industrial/workshop environment. The facitlity is a former locomotive repair and maintenance hall with the portal cranes, steel columns and electric installations still inside. In any case an interesting place to take and make some photos.

When entering the hall, the visitor finds himself directly in front of a chromium gleaming American Kenworth truck.

A Kenworth truck is positioned directly in the entrance of Motorworld

But before looking at some motor vehicles let's just have a walk through the hall.

The facility accomodates parking lots and boxes for various car models, some of them as permanent exponats, however most of them for sale.

The next sequence of images shows an interesting motorcycle in an Alien-like design.

Some exhibition areas are just being populated with cars, like the two Mercedes cars that I photographed through an opened door.

To be honest, I interest more in the historic industrial facilities than in fast sports cars. However, the Kenworth truck is my absolute favourite - what a symbol of engineering esthetics, king-of-the-road glamour, adventure and power.

For the fans of the good old days, there are some classics to find too.

And the last picture of the day: a self portrait mirrored in the chrome wheel rim.

Finally, a short video impression of the elevator and the truck.

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