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Corse-du-Sud 2020

The year 2020 didn't offer too many opportunities to travel. After we had planned to visit the Island of Corse already in June, we had to cancel and shift it to end of August. Now late, but not too late, a little photo report with selected images.

After one night in Livorno, we had to embark the ferry boat at 6 a.m. (Corsica Ferries) and left Livorno at sunrise.

After a very hot travelling day (38°) with slow speed on the curvy roads of southern Corse we had reached our destination Palombaggia, a small beach village that belongs to district of Porto Veccio.

So, the first days after arrival were dedicated to laying in the sun (under the umbrella), swimming in the warm blue water (27°C!) and paddling around with our SUPs.

And after a few days of relaxing on the beach the camera wanted to get out of its bag and explore the wonderful nature around!

The first series of landscape images is I have taken at the mouth of river Stabiacciu in the bay of the little town of Porto Veccio. The area is a swamp land and I headed there before sunrise and of course - no surprise I wasn't the only living creature in this quiet place: it is the habitat of mosquitos and they are always happy about new visitors, especially landscape photographers who use to keep standing patiently near their tripod. But you can only get pictures if you really go out to shoot them.

Palombaggia and Tamaricciu Beach

The next series was taken at the beaches of Palombaggia and Tamaricciu at different weather conditions.

The following little clip is an experiment: It is morphed from a series of long time exposures. A video can't be filmed with long time exposure, as every frame got only maximum 1/30 s of exposure time. And one longtime exposure image can't seamlessly be joined to the next longtime exposure image, because the time distance between the events of both images is too long (definitely longer than 1/30 s). So I tried to morph the longtime exposed images, i.e. the frames between to exposures are automatically generated by overlays (just without transformation like usually done with morphed images):

The next two pictures are about dogs on the beach. They are not street dogs and belong to a master. But in contrast to Germany, those dogs go for a walk alone every morning and are already gone before the beaches start to be settled.

The town of Porto Veccio doesn't offer anything that also couldn't be seen in many other cities of the Mediterranean Sea, but anyway nice to walk through its little alleyways and step into the art shops.

Aiguilles de Bavella

Corse is a mountain island. There are no highways and travelling by car means to climb up and down many serpentines, taking a lot of time for a comparatively short distance. 50 kms distanced from our beach, but two hours of driving, we hiked in the mountains of the Aiguilles de Bavella. The next series shows the beauty and wilderness of this fantastic landscape.


Time for visiting another great place of civilisation in the south of Corse - the city of Bonifacio. This windy city is enthroned on a cliff high above the sea. Directly from there you can hike anlog the coastline to a lighthouse.

The Bonifacio Seamen Cemetery is a very impressive and quiet place to visit and to escape the hordes of tourists in the city. It offers a panoramic view ands is considered the most beautiful cemetery in the Mediterranean Sea .

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