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Bavarian Autumn Art

There was a sunny late afternoon at 1st of November and I had planned to take some pictures in the forests along the river Würm between Gauting and Starnberg in the southeast of Munich.

When I arrived there, I realised that I hat forgotten my super wide angle lens and it was already late afternoon and I had to walk longer than I remembered this route. So I had to hurry up and use my 18-200 zoom lens and made all of my pictures at 18mm at ISO100 on a tripod, also some of them with use of a 64x ND-Filter to get long exposures. And thats not all, the place didn't look as I expected. Last time I had been here was in 2010 spring time and many trees were standing inside the water due to the snow melt. Today the river was low and it was already shady when I reached the river. But, this forest is always nice to walk and so I took some pictures before the light got too low and the colours would be flat.

Why did I call this blog post "Bavarian Autumn Art". The main artist here is nature itself and I tried to catch some of its beauty in pictures which follow below. With that few pictures edited, I experimented with more extreme colouring and toning and played autumn artist too. Those variants of the pictures follow right behind the "normal" pictures below.

Here come the same images with my own color sets. I applied the "Ink"-Filter of NIK Color Efex 2 and some color shift to them....

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