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This PDF tutorial offers 70 pages to get familiar with Affinity Photo and the basic concepts of digital image editing. It is a collection of screen shots with step by step explanations for you to practice in four chapters:


  1. Download Affinity photo and discover its workspace concept
  2. Practice: get familiar in working with pixel layers, adjustment layers and live filters
  3. Practice: create a cinematic effect with masking and toning and read about color theory
  4. Practice: make a composing of two images


Affinity Photo - Basic Image Editing (Workshop Tutorial)

4,99 €Preis
    • PDF tutorial with more than 70 pages
    • Discover Affinity Photo
    • Learn the basics of image editing in three editing project
    • Sample images of the practice workshops (of course you can also practice with your own images)
    • Quickly look up or repeat what you have learned in the workshop "Affinity Photo - Basic Image Editing"
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