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Do you find yourself captivated by the vibrant world of colors? If your passion lies in the vivid spectrum of hues and tones, this event is tailor-made for you. Sorry, black and white photography enthusiasts – this one's all about the kaleidoscope of colors!
This presentation covers the wide topic of colors, giving helpful knowledge for photographers and also film makers.

Part 1 : Understanding Colors

  • Human color vision and the psychology of colors
  • Exploring hue, tint, tone, shade, RGB cube, and HSL bicone color models
  • Blend modes for color grading
  • Skin color, white balance (RGB primaries) and the color wheel
  • Unpacking color harmony and its applications in paintings and photography
  • Creating and extracting color palettes

Part 2: Practical Color Manipulation

  • Examples of color manipulation using various grading methods
  • Techniques such as RGB primaries, white balance, HSL adjustment, Adobe color wheel, and more
  • Application of color mask, gradient map, color balance, color warper, keying, and LUTs
  • The color grading methods presented will be demonstrated by examples using e.g. Affinity Photo, Capture One, DaVinci Resolve, but will be similar in Lightroom, Photoshop and other editing software. This is not a software course, but should inspire you to try out the presented methods with your own preferred software.

It's all About Colors

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